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Você é a espera na janela


You just can’t fight against God, fate, destiny, whatthehellisupthere. My Fuji s700 broke on December. It had, dunno, ONE week of use. Than I got one Canon A460 borrowed. Guest what, it’s broken too!

So, I’m going into a hiatus ’till I can fix my Fuji. Which is just happening by February.

Yeah, this project began with a left leg. But we have an entire year ahead. I hope things finally workout for me.

See ya.

It was a nocturnal lapse. I just woke up and got this firm idea: I wanna take a picture per day in 2010, since 01/1 to 12/31. It seemed really simple, so I started plaining the whole thing. First, how was these pics going to be taken? I had just a cellphone (nokia 6120), it could be really portable, but the pictures would be just terrible. If I wanted this project to go ahead, I needed a decent camera to take decent pics.

Then it came to me an old dream: have a SRL cam. I’ve never had a reason before to buy this gender of cam, but now, with a project… In five minutes I was completely talked into it (yep, I’m really easy going on my plans. They pop out, and if I believe they are doable, I just do it). A week of searches, talking and asking everywhere, I discovered I had no money for a real SRL in such a short time. So I end up making my mind about the Fujifilm S5700. Why? It was the best cost benefit. As they say, it’s a nice choise for a noob like me and a semi-professional cam.

So, with a Fujifilm S5700 in hand, a world all around and a newbe photographer eye, I’m anxious to go out and show the scenery (and people) of my every day of 2010. Are you ready?

‘Cause I don’t know if I am. Will I get to take at least a picture per day? Will my new camera survive a entire year? (update: It didn’t least the first week, as you can see here. But I got it fixed!) Will I really carry it every single day? You will only discover this if you follow the blog 🙂